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AdWords Advice & Consulting Germany

“Nemo solus satis sapit!”

“Nobody knows enough alone!”

AdWords Advice & Consulting

With our AdWords Advice & Consulting Service you are supported by a certified AdWords specialist whenever you need their help. Whether by phone or by email you will always find someone to listen to your questions and give competent answers.

This service is particularly suited to self-administered AdWords accounts and for smaller companies which do not employ any certified AdWords specialists. We look after you, starting with registration and setting up the account, then with the structuring of campaigns and ad groups and then with the regular optimisation of the current account.

Ardeshir Teymouri Head of PPC Marketing
Ardeshir Teymouri
Head of
PPC Marketing

Setting objectives – Analysis – Optimisation

Within the framework of AdWords Consulting we first enquire which objectives are supposed to be achieved by the AdWords campaigns and then we define how performance is to be measured, and how the account, if there is one, should be assessed.
After that concrete recommendations for action are made for optimising account settings, campaigns, ad groups and keywords as well as further parameters.

As with AdWords Support we mainly pursue the following objectives:

  • To use the click budget as efficiently as possible
  • To improve the conversion rate
  • To reduce the costs per conversion
  • To identify new promising keywords

In order to achieve these objectives you always have the right contact person within the framework of the support contract.

Structuring – Analysis – Optimisation
Structuring – Analysis – Optimisation

We monitor the most important indicators regularly behind the scenes, analyse visitor behaviour and discover further potential for optimisation. If we discover unfavourable developments or untapped potential then we draw up exact recommendations for action and pass these on to you.

Furthermore we will of course keep you up to date on current developments and new features with Google AdWords. Here we act as a filter to sift out from the flood of changes only those which are relevant for you and your account and which could be profitable for you.

Here again is an overview of your benefits:

  • Ideal for user-managed accounts and smaller companies
  • Assessment of the current situation
  • Continual checking of important indicators
  • Analysis of visitor behaviour
  • Concrete recommendations of action
  • Competent advice and support
  • Up-to-date information about changes and new functions

Remuneration AdWords Advice & Consulting

In the support contract a monthly budget – an allocation of hours – is agreed on. We only charge for the actual hours worked, and we calculate by the half hour. Thus the monthly budget shows the upper limit of our services and of your costs.