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Your AdWords Agency in Germany

„Recte facti fecisse merces est!“

„The reward for a good deed is to have done it!“

As an AdWords agency from Hanover/Germany we focus clearly on your needs and objectives. We would like to convince you by our competent performance, sound knowledge and longstanding experience and not by tying you to us with long-term contracts. For this reason our support contracts can be cancelled monthly.

We guarantee complete transparency by means of monthly performance measurements and reports. Together with you we define indicators of success and we always measure our performance based on the fulfilment of objectives.

Ardeshir Teymouri Head of PPC Marketing
Ardeshir Teymouri
Head of
PPC Marketing
© 2012 Google Inc. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Adwords ist eine Marke von Google Inc.
© 2012 Google Inc. All rights reserved. AdWords is a Google Inc trademark

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an outstanding way to guide visitors to your own website quickly and in a target-oriented way.

The special thing about this form of advertising: From the very start users express their interest in a specific offer, product or service. This enables you to only address your advertising to the intended clientele, with very low waste.

How Google AdWords functions

With Google AdWords the user is shown relevant advertising in the form of text ads or product pictures (so-called product listing ads) which match his search query.

© 2012 Google Inc. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Adwords ist eine Marke von Google Inc.
Google AdWords text ads

Merely showing adverts does not cost the advertiser anything. The advertiser only has to pay if the search engine user clicks on such an advert.

From visitor to customer

So that visitors become customers you have to bear certain important factors in mind. Otherwise AdWords is an outstanding way of burning money.

Apart from using the right search terms and keyword options, the content of the advertisement is a significant success factor. It is important here to anticipate what the person searching wants to find and present him the next logical step with the text ad.

The landing page – the URI which is shown to the user if he clicks the advert- is the real basis of success. After all, the transaction is always carried out on the website. This is where the visitor is transformed into a customer.

casusbene – Your AdWords Specialist

We support you in registering with Google AdWords from setting up an account and campaigns to looking after and optimising existing accounts and campaigns. Here we will advise you or provide the service for you.

In individual AdWords workshops und open seminars we provide you with the necessary tools for you to be able to open accounts, support them and optimise them.

As clicking the advert is only the first step, within the framework of our conversion optimisation we offer you well-founded knowledge to get the most out of the number of visitors.

An overview of our services: