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Conversion Optimization Germany

“Nam vitiis nemo sine nascitur.“

Because no one is born faultless.

This Horace quotation is ideally suited for online shops to use. Unused potential is lurking everywhere and can be discovered and made use of through conversion optimisation

Ardeshir Teymouri Head of Content Marketing
Ardeshir Teymouri
Head of
Content Marketing

Online shops often have a single digit conversion rate. Conversely this means that over 90% of visitors leave the shop without buying anything.
This is precisely where conversion optimisation comes in. The objective of these optimisation measures is: to achieve the maximum turnover from the existing number of visitors. A very powerful lever. After all, a 1% increase in the conversion rate in a shop with 100,000 visitors already means 1,000 new customers.

Optimization of Conversionrate
Optimization of Conversionrate

An increase in the conversion rate also leads to more satisfied customers and thus an increase in the average shopping trolley value. Moreover satisfied customers are happy to come back again, which in turn contributes to a higher turnover.

Acceptance and trust

Research has disproved the long held assumption that decisions are made on purely rational grounds.

In reality before a decision is made the limbic is involved, that is the area of the brain responsible for emotions. Two emotions are the driving forces here for a successful transaction: acceptance and trust.

In order to increase the acceptance of an offer and trust in the shop different areas of the website are scrutinised. These include:

  • design and layout
  • depiction of the offer
  • scale of the offer
  • user guidance
  • purchasing process
  • trust building signals
  • newsletter

In these areas it is sometimes just small changes which are highly successful. Discovering these weaknesses, verifying them and eliminating them is the core of our work.

From hypothesis to proof

Many years of experience with the optimising of countless online shops form the basis for optimising the shop. Supported by the evaluation of the data from the web analysis and with the help of further software we examine your online shop.
The result is a well founded analysis of the current situation with concrete recommendations within the framework of our conversion optimisation.

conversion optimierung hypothese

As some of the changes are sometimes of a complex nature, we prioritise the recommendations for action. This enables us to first use A/B or multivariate tests to prove the need for measures involving high costs for the client if they are implemented. By doing so hypotheses are substantiated by valid data and possible objections can be ironed out.

Our maxim is always: convince by facts rather than persuade with words.