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„Adora quod incendisti, incende quod adorasti.“

„Worship what you have burnt; burn what you have worshipped.“

Ardeshir Teymouri   Head of  Content Marketing
Ardeshir Teymouri
Head of
Content Marketing

Abandoning out of date and ineffective paradigms as well as being willing to tread new paths in marketing is the prerequisite for content marketing.

Over the last few years content marketing has developed into one of the most promising disciplines within online marketing. Here in our work we accept the paradigm shift in marketing. We are making the change from outbound marketing to inbound marketing

It is a question of content
It is a question of content

Whereas previously advertising was presented to the user with very little consideration of demand, with content marketing we appeal directly to the target group and convince them of the competence of the brand. The emphasis here is not primarily on selling the products or services but on increasing awareness of the brand, confidence in the brand and loyalty to the brand sustainably.

Defining the target group

The strategy and concept are derived from the question: Who are the contents aimed at?
Moreover in order to define the exact content requirements the first step is to define the target group. Only when the target group has been determined can you clearly decide, for example, the form of presentation, the distribution platforms and the metrics for measuring success.
Furthermore you gain a greater understanding of the components of the contents.

  • Am I addressing young people or older people?
  • Is the target group more male or more female?
  • Should the contents advise, inform or entertain?
  • Should there be a text, a chart or a video?
  • Can the success be gauged in links, likes or the time spent watching?

These are only some of the questions which can only be answered if the target group is defined.

Measuring demand

Since with content marketing the needs and requirements of the consumer are at the forefront it is of fundamental importance to define demand in context. There are different ways of doing this for example:

  • Contextual keyword research
  • Research on social media platforms
  • Evaluating internal data
  • Analyses of the competition

With needs analysis we use these and other methods in order to verify demand based on specific contents. These subjects form the basic framework for our work.

Creating content

When we know about demand then we can start work. Assessing the existing contents plays an important role here. Raw diamonds are often found here which just need the finishing touches to become brilliant content-diamonds to do full justice to the target group’s demand.

Multi-Ethnic Group of People Working
Multi-Ethnic Group of People Working

The type of content and the scope and form of the presentation have to match the requirements of the target group. The harmonious triad, consisting of existing demand, thematic relevance and suitable presentation, is a key element for the acceptability of the content. I take this acceptance as the basis for the successful, natural dissemination of my contents.

Extending range

What good is the finest content if it is not noticed by the target group?
This is often the weak point with new blogs, shops and media. For that reason spreading content using various measures is a further discipline in content marketing. To do this the following can be used:

  • search engine optimisation
  • various social media platforms
  • search engine advertising
  • display marketing
  • influencers
  • guest contributions

Selecting the most suitable form of advertising or combinations of various forms depends decisively on the target group which you are trying to reach.


In order to work really efficiently and to be able to react quickly work steps, tasks and responsibilities must be clearly agreed first. We help you with organising and integrating these work processes as well as with identifying and defining areas of responsibility and accountability.

For example, with regard to organisation the following should be settled:

  • Who should define the contents of the editorial schedule?
  • Who will develop the contents?
  • Who will check the contents?
  • Where will the contents be published?
  • How will feedback be dealt with?
  • How should success be measured?

These and other questions must be sorted out before putting the content marketing concept into practice.

Tasks with content marketing
Tasks with content marketing

Monitoring and measuring success

Content marketing often requires a high level of investment at the beginning and ties up resources in the medium term. This makes monitoring and measuring success particularly significant. Even with the most careful research and planning it can happen that the measures taken fail to have the desired effect. In such cases you have to investigate the cause and make adjustments to the concept. Ultimately all measures and work steps have to be evaluated in terms of their efficiency and success.

Clearly defined metrics and indicators can be used for monitoring and measuring success and provide milestones for the team on the road to success.

We support you in all the subsections of content marketing such as:

  • strategy development
  • conceptualisation
  • needs analysis
  • analysis of current contents
  • organisation
  • planning the contents
  • producing the contents
  • publishing/dissemination
  • monitoring/measuring success

Furthermore we offer you tailor-made workshops in order to anchor the new strategy in your enterprise, to learn the skills required and to build up your own resources.